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11.30 am
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10.30 am
Communion from Reserved Sacrament or Service of the Word

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10:30 am
Oswald of Northumbria, Martyr, 642
11:30 am
Transfiguration - Pentecost 9
11:30 am
Pentecost 10
12 noon

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11:30 am
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Tuesday, 30th August at 7:30 pm.
Fundraising Evening of Music

Alex Jakeman, principle flute of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and Carol Ella, viola player with the London Symphony Orchestra will be with us on the 30th of August at 7:30 pm when they will entertain us with a mixed programme of their choice. Carol Ella has history in returning to her native Wick to support local fundraising events.

In the past she has brought a string quartet to perform Frank Joseph Haydn's 'The Seven Last Words of Christ' in the Pulteney Parish Church to help fund renovations. On another occasion she came home to help the Wick Heritage Centre fundraise and accompanied, the well know local musician, James Miller. This time she is supporting our need to help repay a loan the church needed to help built our recent extension to the church. As part of the extension a totally accessible toilet is now available which in turn enables events such as this to take place in the church.

The warm up act, on the evening, will be the Poltney Bell Ringers who will be taking a Stroll in the Park and a brief visit to part of an opera by Amilcare Ponchielli.

So the date for your diary is Tuesday the 30th of August at 7:30 pm.

Lyn Ball


Book Sales:
Next sale date awaited.


Open Wednesdays
From May until September, St. John's church building is open on Wednesdays from 12 noon until 3 p.m. for visitors to come and have a look inside, learn a little about our church, or just sit for meditation. Our stewards will be happy to help, or simply let you view the building on your own.

Gordon Johnson

For sale in aid of church funds

Our fundraising Tea Towel makes an ideal gift for many occasions. Priced 6.50 it is excellent value for such a quality item. So any time you need a gift please think 'Church Tea Towel'. Tea Towels can be gift wrapped & posted direct, saving you any hassle. Purchasing our tea towel contributes towards the running cost of St John's, particularly at this time of reduced income.

To place your order please phone Lyn on 07890 902816 or 01955 611339 or contact Brenda via email. Delivery or collection will be arranged.

Lyn Ball


Church News:

Removal of church pews.

Another historical moment in the life our church. The church pews being removed to make way for the arrival of new chairs. A couple of pews have been retained for use in the church patio area and the others are going into storage meantime, but are available to purchase if anyone is interested. St John's is indeed moving forward into the twenty first century.


Lyn Ball


Vestry Secretary's Report

Church Summer Opening

The church is open to visitors every Wednesday from 12 noon to 3pm. If you would like to join the rota of volunteers, please speak to Richard Stanley or Gordon Johnson.

Church Chairs

The new chairs have arrived two weeks earlier than anticipated. For those who have donated the cost of a chair, Jeanette will contact you to confirm what wording you would like on the plaque. Disposal of the pews is being coordinated by Peter Darmady.

Vestry Meeting

The Vestry met on 17th July 2022 at 1pm in the church. The meeting was chaired by Bishop Mark and six members were present. A summary of the meeting is shown below.

Church Chairs: Delivery was expected in the week commencing 8th August. Helpers would be needed to unload the chairs and move the pews out. [This was subsequently changed to w/c 25th August.]

PVG Coordinator: The position had been advertised in Outlook. We were currently covered by Denise MacFarlane until the position could be filled.

Priest's Report: The Bishop noted that he would be attending the Lambeth Conference. Rev Grant would cover some services. He said there was a need to consider the long term ministry in Caithness, although the next few years would maintain the existing pattern. He asked to be notified if anyone would like home communion. Arrangements for Christmas services would need to be planned soon. He noted that the Synod had approved the reprinting of the 1982 Scottish Liturgy using inclusive language.

Treasurer's Report: Pat had circulated the financial figures before the meeting. The current account stood at 15,151. Book sales had provided a boost to funds. The Bell Ringers continued to donate for the use of the hall. The Bishop noted that if the current account were to reach a certain balance, any excess could be invested. The insurance cover for the church would increase from August, to take account of the new extension. Electricity usage for the church had been high during construction of the extension. However, usage at the hall had been very low, resulting in a credit balance of 2,000 on this account. Pat would contact the provider to use the hall credit to offset the church usage.

Financial Update on Toilet Fund: Jeanette reported that the final invoice from the architect was expected to be around 3,000. If this was the case, around 4,700 would remain in the toilet account. These funds would be used to start repaying the Provincial loan of 13,000.

Sound System: This had been taken out of use during the construction of the extension. Richard proposed to re-instate and improve the system, after consulting with the original installer. The Bishop noted that there may be some renewal funds remaining in the Diocese which could be used.

Disposal of Pews: Peter had put forward a proposal that the pews be advertised locally at 150 per pew, with a discount if delivery or modification not required. The Bishop also noted that Sarah Murray, Provost at the Cathedral, may have some ideas. Jeanette agreed to consult the Provost and update Peter.

Book of Remembrance: The book required to be updated following the COVID lockdown. An article would go into Outlook to check that no names had been missed. The Bishop suggested that a separate book be kept with more details on each person, and their connection with St John's.

Use of the Common Cup: It was agreed that two ministers would be required at communion services, one to distribute the host, and one to hold the common cup. The congregation could choose to take either one or both. Intincture would not be allowed.

Gift Aid: Lyn noted that the donations for the new chairs should be gift aided. The Vestry agreed that it was important to make the most of gift aid.

Fundraising: Lyn updated the Vestry on some ideas for events. A musical evening was planned for 30th August, with an organ recital later in the year. She had brought along examples of merchandise, following the success of the tea towel. A bag, mug and notepad were chosen to take forward for costing. The Bishop noted that joint events could be held with the Friends of St Peter's. Book sales were planned for September and November.

Next Project: The Vestry agreed that the roof and railings would be the next items for major expenditure. However, repayment of the loan for the toilet project was the immediate priority.

Tree Stump Sculpture: Lyn was arranging for the stump to be inspected. If suitable, ideas for a sculpture would be discussed.

Free Church Use of the Hall: The Free Church would begin using the hall for Sunday services from 31st July. It was agreed that the first month would be free of charge as they had continued to make donations throughout lockdown. Meter readings would be taken before deciding on future charges.

The Psalm: Richard agreed to prepare a printed sheet each week, so that the psalm could be brought back into the service.

Paving Slabs: Neil had a quantity of bedding material available for use. The slabs taken from the front path would be re-laid in the grounds.

Book of Remembrance

During the lockdown we did not have access to the Book of Remembrance. If you have names that you wish to be entered, please let me know.

Church Attendance

During the Bishop's visit to celebrate the 152nd anniversary, he reminded us that all were welcome in the life of the church, whether regular attenders or occasional visitors. This extract from a poem by John Betjeman seems appropriate.

Let's praise the man who goes to light
The church stove on an icy night.
Let's praise that hard worked he or she
The Treasurer of the PCC.
Let's praise the cleaner of the aisles,
The nave and candlesticks and tiles.
Let's praise the organist who tries
To make the choir increase in size,
Or if that simply cannot be,
Just to improve its quality.
Let's praise the ringers in the tower
Who come to ring in cold and shower.
But most of all let's praise the few
Who are seen in their accustomed pew
Throughout the year, whate'er the weather,
That they may worship God together.
These, like a fire of glowing coals,
Strike warmth into each other's souls,
And though they be but two or three,
They keep the Church for you and me.

Jeanette Harper
Vestry Secretary


Toilet Fund Sponsors




Monthly Letter

I have just returned from my daughters Graduation ceremony where she was awarded and Batchelor of Arts as an Actor Musician from the University of Surrey (or Guildford School of Acting for those of a theatrical bent). She is now off into the world to make her way in difficult times. For us August and September tend to be the times of new beginnings for school, college, training, university or post education employment. It is tempting to always think of Easter as the time of 'new' things but in secular society this is, more often than not, an autumnal event. All societies have them, although they can be at different times (in Japan for example it is April when this happens).

So what of church and spiritual things? Well, we must think of pressure on people, whether young people, teachers, employers or parents and relations. And where there is pressure, there is often uncertainty, fear, anxiety, stress. All these give rise to suffering, sometimes acute suffering, that we must remember in our prayers and in our relationships.

Jesus was there for those making new starts. After all, the disciples got up and followed him. They didn't take their fishing boats on the road with them. Although they briefly returned to their old ways after the crucifixion, they went back out into the unknown to do God's work, and to do it with confidence in spite of everything. They did it with confidence because they knew Jesus was with them. So let us all pray for someone setting out on a new journey, irrespective of age. Let us all make sure they know that God is with them and, each in our own way, let us stand alongside them as they take the first steps.

May the peace of God be with you whatever stage you are at on life's journey






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